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Golden hour + pumpkins + rainbow (Photo by Jaimie McCaffrey via Flickr, Creative Commons License 2.0)

Golden hour + pumpkins + rainbow
(Photo by Jaimie McCaffrey via Flickr, Creative Commons License 2.0)

When I started this blog two years ago, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Would anyone read it or find it useful? Would I be able to post regularly while keeping up with other writing and consulting work?
Fortunately, the answer to both questions has turned out to be yes. It’s been so exciting to have people from Ottawa and across North America subscribe to Earthward and I’m grateful for each and every reader. I’ve really enjoyed putting the blog together — connecting with readers, meeting innovative and dedicated food producers, and learning more about sustainable food. And I plan to continue.
For now, though, I’m taking a short break. The past 18 months have coincided with some big personal challenges, including the death of my parents and other family members. I need to re-charge my batteries.
At the same time, I’d like to re-think the blog, what it covers and how, to make sure it meets your needs. This is where I’d like your feedback. Do you want to see shorter, more frequent posts or fewer, more in-depth ones? More articles on regional producers and retailers? Or more on local food policy and food security? Do you find the event round-ups and seasonal recipes useful?
Your comments will help me reshape and refocus Earthward for next year. In the meantime, here’s a sampling of past posts you may have missed.
Thank you for reading Earthward!

Sustainable food basics

4 reasons to care about sustainable food
How to choose a CSA
5 easy steps to seasonal eating
7 ways to dig deeper into local sustainable food
Why does sustainable food cost more than conventional?

Ottawa area producers & retailers
Pork of Yore: Pasture production means happy pigs and succulent pork
Tiraislin Farm’s Rosemary Kralik: An ambassador for food and animals
Walk on the Wild Side: Amber Westfall’s Wild Garden aims to reconnect people and plants
Get back to the table with Red Apron comfort food
The Unrefined Olive: Ottawa olive oil tasting bar fuses global food with local, sustainable roots

Recipes from Ottawa area chefs

Confit of chicken (Justin Faubert, Thyme & Again Catering, Landwaterfork)
Rutabaga & beer soup (Jaqueline Jolliffe, Stone Soup Foodworks)
Basil and parmesan gateau on oven-dried plum tomatoes (Charles Part, Les Fougères)
Cranberry chocolate chip loaf (Jo-ann Laverty, Red Apron)
Steelhead trout campfire-style (Norm Aitken, Juniper Kitchen & Wine Bar)

What stories and people would you like to see covered in Earthward next year?

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